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Drinks Menu

Our Drinks Menu is available in the
Coffee House and Secret Garden

Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 9am-4pm
Friday and Saturday 9am-10pm.

Please note, we are not taking bookings* and tables are allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

*Bookings are being taken for Friday Evenings, Afternoon Teas and large groups only.
Coffee Menu

 All our coffee is made with double shot Espresso

Espresso £2.20
Macchiato £2.60
Flat White £2.90
Americano £2.90
Cappuccino £2.90
Latte £3.20
Mocha £3.60
Chai Latte £3.20
Dirty Chai £3.80
Iced Latte £3.20
Iced Chai £3.20
Iced Mocha £3.80

Decaffeinated Coffee, Soya Milk, Coconut Milk and Oat Milk
are available at no extra charge.

Add Syrup Shot to any Coffee £0.60

No.4 House Blend Coffee Beans 250g £6.50

Tea Menu

Yorkshire Tea Pot £2.50
Yorkshire Tea Mug £2.00
English Breakfast Tea £3.00
Earl Grey Tea £3.00
Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea £3.00
China Yunnan Green Tea £3.00
Peppermint Tea £3.00
Chamomile Tea £3.00
Lemon and Ginger £3.00

No.4 Hot Chocolate

Our Hot Chocolate drinks are
made from real Belgian Chocolate

Traditional Hot Chocolate £3.30
Add Cream and Marshmallows £0.60
Add any Syrup Shot £0.60
No.4 Chocolate Special £4.90


(25ml or double up for an extra £2.80)

Derbyshire Distillery Gin Selection
Lemon Sherbet-Pomegranate-Candy Floss-Mojito  £3.50

Whitley Neil Rhubarb and Ginger Gin £3.50
Cherry Bakewell Gin £3.50

Gordon's Gin £3.20
Tia Maria £3.40
Bailey's (50ml) £4.40
Jura Single Malt Whisky £4.30
Bell's Whisky £3.20
Three Barrels Brandy £3.20
Smirnoff Vodka £3.20
Bacardi White Rum £3.20
Soft Drinks
No.4 Traditional Lemonade (Still and Zesty) £2.60
Elderflower Presse  £2.80
Orange Juice/Apple Juice £2.30

Franklin's Sparkling Drinks 275ml £2.80

Ginger Beer
Rhubarb Lemonade
Lemonade and Elderflower
Orange and Grapefruit
Dandelion and Burdock

Franklin's Mixers 200ml £2.60
Tonic / Light Tonic
Ginger Ale
Soda Water

Coke 330ml £2.30 / Diet Coke 330ml £2.20
Harrogate Water (Still or Sparkling) 330ml £1.70
Radnor's Fruit Drink Carton £1.60

Beers and Ciders

Welbeck Abbey Ales 500ml £3.90
Atlas, Skylight, Red Feather or Hennymoor

Peroni 330ml £3.40
Estrella Damm 330ml £3.40
Aspall Apple Cider 500ml £4.20
Old Mout Kiwi and Lime 500ml £4.30
Old Mout Cherries and Berries 500ml £4.30

Wines by the Bottle

Broken Back Chardonnay - Australia £18.00
Parigi Pinot Grigio - Italy £18.00
Senora Rosa Sauvignon Blanc - Chile £19.50
Para Dos Malbec - Argentina £19.50
Senora Rosa Merlot - Chile £18.00
Di Maria Prosecco - Italy £22.00
Di Maria Prosecco 200ml - Italy £6.80
House Champagne Carpentier - France £29.00
Lanson Champagne Brut - France £59.00


House Wines
Available as White (Chile), Rose (California) and Red (Australian)
175ml Glass £5.00
250ml Glass £6.00
500ml Carafe £11.00
1 Litre Carafe £18.50

No Alcohol Options

Birra Moretti 330ml  £3.40
Martini Aperitif (0.05%)  50ml  £3.20
Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirit  50ml  £3.20