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Food Menu

Our Breakfast Menu is available
Wed-Sun 9am-11.45am,
Sandwiches and Hot Food are available
Wed-Sun 12.00pm-3.30pm.

Please note, we do not take bookings*
and tables are allocated on a
first come, first served basis.  

*Bookings are taken for Friday/Saturday evenings, Afternoon Teas and large groups.

Allergies and Intolerances - please tell us when placing your order.
V = item is suitable for Vegetarians
Ve = item can be made vegan, please ask when ordering
GF = item contains no gluten
GFO = item can be made gluten free, please ask when ordering.

Croissant Pic.jpg
Croissant Pic_edited.jpg
Available 12.00pm - 3.30pm
Served with No.4 Coleslaw (V/Ve), Salad Garnish (Ve) and Crisps

Choose Your Bread:
Flaguette - white panini style bread (V)
Paysan - rustic wholemeal baguette (Ve)
White or Malted Brown Sliced Bread (V)
Gluten free Bread (add £1) (GF)

Choose Your Filling:
Chilli and Ginger Chicken with Sweet Chilli Sauce (V) £8.50
Beer Battered Cod Goujons with Tartare Sauce (GFO) £8.50

Buttermilk Chicken with Garlic Mayo £8.50
Vegan Southern Fried Goujons (Ve) £8.50
Tuna Mayo with Rocket (GF) £7.90
Cheddar Cheese with Ham and Chutney (GFO) £7.90

Cheddar Cheese mixed with Red Onion (GFO/Ve) £7.90
Beetroot Felafel with Rocket and Tahini Sauce (Ve) £7.90
Halloumi with Sweet Chilli and Rocket (GFO/V) £8.50

Felafel Paysan.jpg
Available 9.00am-11.45am

Served on...
White or Malted Brown Toast (V)
White or Malted Brown Bread - not toasted (V)
Or upgrade to one of the following for £1 extra:

Welbeck Bakehouse English Muffin (V)
Welbeck Bakehouse Butter Croissant (V)

Gluten Free Bagel (GF/Ve)
or Vegan Bread (Ve)

Choose your filling/topping...

Bacon (GF) £6.50
Scrambled Eggs (GF/V) £6.00
Poached Eggs (GF/V) £6.00
No.4 Baked Beans GF/Ve) £6.00
Halloumi, Avocado and Roasted Tomato (GF/V) £7.00
Vegan 'Smokey Bacon', Avocado
and Roasted Tomato (Ve) £6.50
Eggs Benedict with Bacon £7.80
Eggs Royale with Smoked Salmon £8.00
Just Butter £3.00

Cheddar Cheese (GF/Ve) £1.20
Bacon Rasher (GF) £1.30
Smoked Salmon (GF) £1.60
Chorizo (GF) £1.30
Avocado (GF/Ve) £1.20
Halloumi (GF/V) £1.40
No.4 Baked Beans (GF/Ve) £1.20
Chopped Tomatoes (GF/Ve) £1.20
Strawberry Jam or Local Honey £0.90  Marmalade or Marmite £0.90

Available 9.00am-12.00pm

Choose from the following Bakery Items...
er Croissant
English Muffin
Toasted Bloomer Bread (White or Malted) (Ve)
Vegan or Gluten Free Bakery Item

Then choose your filling/topping...
All Day Brunch
Available 9.00am-3.30pm

No.4 Foot Long Hot Dog with Caramelised Onions (GFO) £8.00
Welbeck Croissant with Home Cooked Ham and Cheese £6.90
Welbeck Croissant with Cheese and Tomato (V) £6.50
No.4 Rarebit with Red Feather Ale and Cheese (V) £6.50

No.4 Rarebit with Red Feather, Ham and Cheese  £6.80
BLT - Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato on Bloomer (GFO)  £6.90
HLT - Halloumi, Lettuce and Tomato on Bloomer (GFO/V)  £6.90
VLT - A BLT made with Vegan 'Smokey Bacon' (Ve) £7.20

Add Salad, Crisps and Coleslaw to any of the above for £2.40 

Porridge with Local Honey or Fruit Compote (V) £3.40
Toasted Teacake with Butter (V) £3.90

Pic of Chicken Sandwich.jpg
Curry Cloe Up.jpg
Hot Food
Available 12.00pm-3.30pm

Jacket Potato
Served with No.4 Coleslaw (GF/Ve) and Salad Garnish (GF/Ve)

Cheddar Cheese (GF/Ve) £6.90
Cheddar Cheese mixed with Red Onion (GF/Ve) £6.90
Beetroot Felafel with Tahini Sauce (GF/Ve) £7.20
No.4 Coleslaw (GF/Ve) £6.90
Tuna Mayo (GF) £7.20
Chicken Mangalor Curry (GF) £7.20
No.4 Baked Beans (GF/Ve) £6.20
Mushroom and Jackfruit Mangalor Curry (GFO/Ve) £6.90
Add Cheese or Chorizo to any of the above for £1.00

Soup of the Day
Served with Rustic Bread (GFO) £6.50
Add Soup to any Sandwich for an extra... £3.50

Quiche of the Day

Served with No.4 Coleslaw, New Potatoes and Salad Garnish £9.50

Spiced Dishes
Served with Pilau Rice (Ve) and Nan Bread (Ve)

Mangalore Malabar - a medium spiced curry
Chicken (GF) £12.00
Mushroom and Jackfruit (GF/Ve) £11.00

Tikka Masala - a fairly mild creamy curry
Chicken (GF) £12.00
Mushroom and Jackfruit (GF/Ve) £11.00

Lentil Dahl (GFO/Ve) £11.00

No.4 Giant Sausage Roll
Served with No.4 Coleslaw, Salad Garnish and Crisps £6.90

Side Dishes
Available 12.00pm-3.30pm

Seasoned Potato Dippers (GF/Ve) £3.50
No.4 Coleslaw (GF/Ve) £2.40
Mixed Salad (GF/Ve) £3.00

Garlic Mushrooms (GF/Ve) £4.00
Garlic Bread (GFO/Ve) £4.20

Garlic bread with Cheese (GFO/Ve) £4.60

Children's Meal Bag
Available all day £5.00

Ham, Cheese, Tuna Mayo or Cream Cheese Sandwich,
Fruit, Crisps and a Radnor's Carton Drink

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