All Day Menu

Our new All Day Menu is now
available in the Licensed Tea Garden
Wed-Sun 9am-3pm.
Please note, we are not taking bookings* and tables will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.  All customers will need to scan the NHS Track and Trace QR Code or complete a contact details form prior to entering the garden.
*Bookings are being taken for Afternoon Teas only
All Day Brunch
Choose from the following bakery items
and then choose your filling or topping...
Bakery Items:
Butter Croissant
English Muffin
Toasted Bloomer Bread
(Vegan and Gluten free Options available)
Fillings and Toppings:
Bacon £4.oo
Cheddar Cheese and Bacon £4.60
Scrambled Eggs (V) £4.20
Scrambled Eggs w Smoked Salmon £5.30
             Scrambled Eggs w Chorizo £4.85                              
Vegan Scramble w Avocado (Ve) £4.60
Eggs Benedict with Bacon £5.90
Eggs Royal w Smoked Salmon £5.90
Cheddar Cheese £3.60
Just Butter£2.60
Served with No.4 Coleslaw, Salad Garnish and Crisps
Choose Your Bread:
Flaguette - white panini style bread
Paysan - rustic wholemeal style bread
Bloomer - traditional bread loaf
(Vegan and Gluten free Options available)
Choose Your Filling:
Cheddar Cheese with Ham and Chutney £5.60
Cheddar Cheese with Red Onion (V) £5.20
Tuna Mayo £5.50
Beer Battered Cod Goujons with Tartare Sauce £6.00
Buttermilk Chicken with Garlic Mayo £6.00
Falafel, Houmous and Sun Dried Tomatoes (Ve) £5.20
Creamed Spinach and Mushrooms (Ve) £5.20
All Day Hot Food
Jacket Potatoes
Served with Salad Garnish
Tuna Mayo (GF) £5.70
Cheddar Cheese and Red Onion (Ve/GF) £5.70
No.4 Baked Beans and Cheddar Cheese (Ve/GF) £6.00
No.4 Baked Beans with Cheese and Chorizo (GF) £6.20
Cheddar Cheese (Ve/GF) £5.60
Creamed Spinach and Mushrooms (Ve/GF) £6.00
Soup of the Day
Please see the blackboards for today's Soup
Served with Crusty Bread Roll and Butter £3.90
Soup and a Sandwich
Choose from the Sandwich Menu and add a portion of Soup of the Day for an additional £2.50
No.4 Quiche of the Day £7.00
With No.4 Coleslaw, Salad Garnish and Potato Wedges
No.4 Sausage Roll £2.90
Side Dishes
Home Made Potato Wedges £2.60
No.4 Coleslaw £1.50
Artisan Bread (Flaguette or Paysan) £1.50
Garlic Bread £2.50
Cheesy Garlic bread £3.00
Children's Meal Bag
Meal bag containing a sandwich, fruit, crisps and Radnor's Fruit carton drink      £4.00
Choose from Ham, Cheese or Tuna Mayo sandwiches with Tropical or Apple/Raspberry fruit drink.
Cakes and Treats
We always have delicious cakes, scones and tray bakes available.
Traditional Cream Teas are always available.
We offer Afternoon Teas as a pre-bookable option for a minimum of 2 people - £12.50 per person.